Turnout & Switch Components

Turnout & Switch Components for Industrial & Mainline Railway Projects Throughout the Midwest, South, & Southeast

At G.A. Smith Railway Supply, we provide clients throughout the Midwest, Southeast, and Southern U.S. with a variety of turnout and switch products including switch points, switch stands, frogs, switch rods, gauge plates, and guard rails. Our team is here to assist you in locating the new or relay turnout components you need to complete your mainline project efficiently and on schedule. Don’t settle for unreliable parts through third-party retailers, trust our family-owned and operated railway supply company with over 40 years of experience that keeps us on top.

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Turnout Components

At G.A. Smith Railway Supply, we offer a variety of turnout components for your railway project in the Midwest, Southeast, and Southern U.S. Read more about the turnout and switch components we offer below.

Frogs enable traffic to transition from one track to the next. We offer a variety of sizes and types to include solid manganese self-guarded, rail-bound manganese, and rigid-bolted types to meet your requirements.
Switch Points
Switch points are designed to help trains and other rail equipment move easily from one track to another. G.A. Smith Railway Supply offers new and relay switch points designed to your specifications to meet your requirements.
Switch Stands
We understand the importance of having quality switch stands to control switch point movements. Our 22E, 36E, and 51-A switch stands are fabricated to meet your requirements. Targets & adjustable connecting rods can be furnished with switch stands.
Heel Blocks
Heel Blocks are used to strengthen and space the switch point heel area. We offer a variety of 4-hole and 5-hole types with bent and beveled joint bars and bolt assemblies based on the switch point length and rail size.
Guard Rails
Guard rails are used to protect the frog from being damaged while also keeping rail car wheels in alignment to prevent derailments. Guard rails can be provided to match frog and rail sizes and types. Inquire about our guard rails today.
Switch Rods
Switch rods mount to switch points and ensure proper throw. We offer several types of switch rods based on your custom mainline requirements and provide both insulated and non-insulated rods depending on your needs.
Gauge Plate
Gauge plates are located under the toe of the switch point and are used to hold the track gauge in place. They can also be used with rigid type or adjustable type hardware. We offer a variety of insulated and non-insulated types.