Track Material

Railway Track Material for Industrial & Mainline Railroads throughout the Midwest, South, and Southeast

G.A. Smith Railway Supply is one of the leading industrial and mainlines railway suppliers in the Midwest, South, and Southeast offering a variety of new, relay, and customizable track materials. Whether you’re looking for steel manufactured new or relay rails or gauge rods, ties, switch points, frogs, etc., our team has years of experience and training in providing the perfect material for our clients. You can trust that when you invest in our supply services, we work with you to create a reliable and easy-to-manage schedule so that we can keep track of your product while you focus on executing a time-sensitive project. Contact our experts today and keep reading below for more information on the track materials we offer.
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pile of new rails

We Supply a Variety of
Rail Sizes for Your Requirements

At G.A. Smith Railway Supply, we pride ourselves on offering a range of products and services to our clients throughout the Midwest. When it comes to your railway systems, our team knows that you need quality materials to get the job done as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible. If you need reliable rails, we offer 90lb, 100lb, 115lb, 132lb, and 136lb rails dependent on your specific requirements. Need rails that support a custom weight? We work with manufacturers throughout the U.S. to ensure that every one of our clients gets the rails they need at the perfect weight and measurements for your custom job. Contact us today to learn more about our track materials.

Our Track Material

New and Relay Rail
Our team at G.A. Smith Railway Supply offers new and relay rails that come in a variety of sizes and weight restrictions for your industrial mainline project throughout the Midwest, Southeast, and Southern U.S.
Crane Rail
We supply a variety of crane rail sizes and accessories for your custom railway projects in the U.S. Our experts supply you with custom joints and cuts to ensure the safety and comfort of your tracks.
Curved Rail
For custom railway projects, we provide fabricated curved rail and accessories for your tracks in the U.S. Ensure the stability & safety of your curved rails with quality material from the best in the industry.
Track Spikes
For quality rail fastening accessories and products, G.A. Smith Railway Supply offers prime and industrial track spikes in 50lb, 100lb, and 200lb kegs. Keep your tracks operating properly with our track spikes.
Track Bolts & Washers
We offer both domestic and imported button and square head track bolts along with a variety of lock washers to match your custom rails. We ensure your track bolts & washers are manufactured to industry standards.
Tie Plates
We offer a wide variety of new and relay single and double shoulder tie plates. You can trust G.A. Smith Railway Supply to provide quality tie plates and track material for your railroad mainline project.
Joint Bars
We offer new and relay rail joint bars to meet your needs. Our joint bars come in both 4-hole 24-inch and 6-hole 36-inch spacing. All our experts need to know is your custom rail bolt hole measurements.
Compromised Joints
We offer forged and cast 4-hole and 6-hole type compromised joints for your custom rails. Inform our track material experts of the size of your rail and bolt hole spacing requirements.
Gauge Rods
Gauge rods are intended for weaker areas of the track to help stabilize high usage areas. We offer a variety of gauge rods including single-end, double-end, & insulated types to prevent any spreading or tilting of the track.
Poly-Coated Insulated Joints
We offer a variety of poly-coated insulated joints for your railroad crossing and signal requirements. Just let us know what rail size and rail hole dimensions and we’ll provide a quote for 4-hole or 6-hole joints.